Business Analysis Management Services –
Our service team will review the current status of your company’s current processes and identify the business needs in order
to determine the best solutions to solve business problems. Each service solution will define needs and recommend solutions
that deliver value to stake-holders:

  • Business Process Improvement Analysis Services
  • Business Process & Procedure Analysis Services
  • Business Organizational Change Analysis Services
  • Business Strategic Planning Analysis Services
  • Business Policy Development Services
  • Business IT/IS Software Solutions and Development Services
Content Development Services -
Our service team will review your company’s current training content and support system, and advice based on the findings. Your
teams will be able to use developed training content to train on-site or online, as well as be able to select various out-put types that
fit your company’s special training needs.
Project Management Services -
Let our team initiate, plan, execute, control, and close the work of your company’s business or training solution.
Our service team will be an asset by analyzing and developing tangible deliverables that graphically display interdependent
relationships between groups, steps, and tasks as they all impact a project, layout, or business process. Let us create detailed
reference flow charts, project network, or process mapping diagrams for you.
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Consulting Services
•        Fast eLearning & Technical Scope Development
•        Customized eLearning Development
•        Legacy Content Conversion
•        Multiple Language Versions
•        Learning Management System 1.2, 2004 SCORM Compliant
Performance Support and Management

         Technical Planning & Implementation

                            Project & Curriculum Design

                                              Marketing & Communications
 HR & Administrative Processes