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Attendees are allowed to make up each class that was paid for and in attendance of the intended
class at no additional charge/fee. There are no refunds for the class once the class starts. If you
signed up and paid for the class, you must attend that intended class. If you paid for the intended
class and miss the intended class, you are allowed 1 (one) make up attendance.

Payment is due 3 days before training session
begins. All Major Credit Cards are accepted. Checks and Money Orders are accepted if the class
begins 7 days after payment is received. Make Checks and Money Orders out to ASBNC Training
& Consulting. Corporate Checks can be presented the day of the class. For more
contact our Client Service Line at (816) 427-2699.
Mail Checks, Money Orders and Correspondence to Our Mailing Address:
ASBNC Training & Consulting, LLC
P.O. Box 918, Oak Grove, MO 64075.
Email Client Services:

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